Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fancy a Walking Tour of Taipei?

Taipei is a city rich in history and interesting things to see, it's just too bad that most people who come here for vacation are whisked away to so-called "modern" attractions. In fact, whenever guests stay in Taipei, they're mostly shown things that were built within the last five years! These things are great, sure, but they're not representative of a city with over half-a-millenia of history - a city that was administered by four different regimes since the 1500's, and a city that encompasses both the ancient and the modern. Even if you're not a history buff, you owe it to yourself to take a glimpse of Taipei's history.

My name is Shawn, and I've been living in Taipei for a number of years now and am really interested (and therefore knowledgeable) about Taipei's history. I've been around all the historical nooks and crannies and know what I'm talking about! It would be my pleasure to show you the historical wonders that are contained within Taipei City - wonders that not many people notice in their busy lives; wonders that even tourists are hardly shown!

On my walking tour, you'll see all the "big" landmarks (plus a few more) as shown to you in the first post... but you'll also see many more smaller landmarks on the way to each big landmark. You'll see houses and other relics that were left over from the Japanese Colonial Era of Taiwan; you'll see things unique to Taiwan's Era of Martial Law (and the KMT); and you may also see Qing Dynasty curiosities.

So, if you're interested in a walking tour, please contact me through one of the methods below!

Quick Facts About The Historical Tour:

Approximate Tour Distance: 7.5 km
Approximate Duration: 3 hours
Price: $1,000 Taiwan Dollars each adult (children under 15 free when accompanied by parents)
Start of Tour: 9 a.m., meeting in front of Caesar Park Hotel

Tours go on all-year 'round. Please dress appropriately for weather conditions!

Just Some of the Places You'll See...